STOLL Industries

About STOLL Industries:

Stoll Industries has a history rich with perseverance and innovation. For 50 years, the Stoll family has worked hard to build a competitive metal-working company providing high-quality products to customers across the nation. As we reflect on our consistent leadership and unprecedented growth over the years, we are humbly grateful for the blessings that have been poured out on us.

As a third-generation company, we have built a reputation for excellence in customer service, innovation, and long-lasting relationships. Everything we do is from the heart of a craftsman.

Today the Stoll family consists of over 80 employees and a network of 1200+ dealers. We continue our commitment to high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our vision is to provide quality products that enhance the spaces where people live, work, and play.

Range Hoods – Luxurious, hand-crafted designs that bring the beauty of metal into your kitchen.

Fireplace Build-Out Kits – The beauty of a fireplace almost anywhere.

Glass Fireplace Doors – Engineered to the highest standard for style and function that will last a lifetime.

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